Tombraider AOD Savegames

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Angel of Darkness savegames. Backup the files in your savedata folder, then extract the contents of one of the zip files below into the save folder. There is also a text file with a brief description of each savegame. The savegame times were changed to make it easier to reference them. The hour indicates the level, and the seconds is the savegame number. If a level has multiple parts, then the minutes will be the part number.

Parisian Back Streets

Derilect Apartment Block

Industrial Roof Tops

Margot Caviers Apartment

Parisian Ghetto Benard/Garage/Doorman

Parisian Ghetto Pierre/Stage/Francine

Louvre Storm Drains

Louvre Galleries

Archaeological Dig

Tomb of Ancients

Hall of Seasons part 1 of 3

Hall of Seasons part 2 of 3

Hall of Seasons part 3 of 3

Galleries Under Siege

Von Croy's Apartment

Monstrum Crime Scene

Strahov Fortress

Bio-Research Facility part 1 of 2

Bio-Research Facility part 2 of 2


Maximum Containment Area

Aquatic Research Area

Vault of Trophies

Boaz Returns

Lost Domain

Eckhardt's Lab

zip of the all above zips