Tombraider Anniversary Savegames

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Tombraider Anniversary saveagmes. Each zip file contains a set of saves, starting with a save from the last checkpoint of the previous level with all previous artifacts and relics collected, but none for the current level. This allows a player to find all artifacts and relics while using the savegames, and to have them all when the zip file for the next level is used.

Prior to creating these savegames, all levels and time trials were completed, so all cheats are enabled. Only the arifacts and relics remain to be collected.

Croft Manor Start -

Croft Manor Almost Done -

Mountain Caves -

City of Vilcamba -

Lost Valley -

Tomb of Qualopec -

St Francis Folly -

Coliseum -

Midas Palace -

Tomb of Tihocan -

Temple of Khamoon -

Obelisk of Khamoon -

Sanctuary of Scion -

Natla's Mines -

Great Pyramid -

Final Conflict -

Done -

All above zips -