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RC Heli Video
More heli videos can be found at helifreak
Radio control helicopters can be flown sideways, backwards, and upside down. High end models have a huge thrust to weight ratio, the result is a model that seems to defy the laws of physics when pushed to the limit as done in this video.

Dynamic Soaring videos, including 301 mph run, at
More DS videos at
Dynamic soaring uses wind speed differential to gain energy. In these videos, a strong wind passes over a ridge line, and on the downwind side of the ridge line, there is a zone of nearly horizontal air flow just above a nearly static zone of air. By flying a glider in a circular path that crosses bewteen these zones, air speed is increased by the difference in wind speed. In spite of losses from pulling a high g circle, high speeds are possible as long as the model can handle the strain.

RC Boat speed record hosted by off shore electrics , video details
120.7 mph average for 2 passes. This electric RC model also broke the 120.5 record for nitro-gas models.

rc glider videos

Laguna Niguel - March 1999
Serenity (slope)
Artemis (field)
DAW 126 (slope)
Serenity hi res 1280x720

Futaba 8U programming